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The Roman pins

Red Wine

* Products marked with an asterisk can be fresh, frozen or blast chilled.

** Salmon handcrafted on the slopes of Etna,
dry salting with Trapani IGP salt
and cold smoked with precious woods (The Affumicati dell’Etna)

The excellence of our territory

– Smoked Salmon (Gli Affumicati dell’Etna)
– Cooked Culatello ( Salumificio Fratelli Fasolo , Sant’Angelo di Brolo ) – Tuna fillets in oil ( Drago conserve Syracuse )
– Seasoned buffalo ricotta (Dairy Albereto, Enna)
– Homemade Porchetta (Black Piglet, Adrano)
– Black pig sausage (Nero Maialino, Adrano)
– Cosacavaddu Ragusano aged in cave ( Reale , Ragusa )
– Capers and caper leaves from Pantelleria ( La Nicchia , Pantelleria ) – Tuna roe ( Campisi , Marzamemi – SR )